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Mr. Supply Chain created this site in hurry, hoping to make it easier for supply chain professionals to find useful information about the EVER GIVEN accident in the Suez Canal, and to prepare for the challenges that will come next.

To get the giant container ship blocking the Suez Canal unstuck, engineers needed the stars to align. Actually, the sun, Earth and moon.

An excellent summary of the salvage operation, and how the EVER GIVEN was successfully refloated by Rory Jones and Amira El-Fekki in WJS.

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These pictures really helped me put the situation into perspective.

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Supply Chain Visibility Tools

These are some of the tools that can help you analyze and monitor your supply chain. They are all different, so I tend to think of them as building blocks that you can assemble based on the needs of each supply chain.

Supply Chain Planning Tools

These are some of the tools that can help you design your supply chain, and create (or adjust) your plans for matching supply with demand.

A good place to start is Gartner. They call this software category Supply Chain Planning Systems of Record.

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